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If you're looking for cool free online racing games, then you're in the right place. We collected many of the best racing games that you can enjoy online when you feel bored, such as 3D racing games, motorcycle racing games, cartoon-style racing games for kids, and more. Drive your favorite car, or bike, even a bus and show your racing abilities in these cool games. You can race against the computer or invite a friend to join you in two-player racing games like 3d City: 2 Player Racing. All racing games on this page can be played from your browsers directly on your pc, tablets, and mobile. No download required! Hop into a car you like and get ready to race your opponents. The following is a list of popular racing categories and trending racing online games. We hope this list can give you some inspiration to try cool and fun games that you've never played before. Have fun!

Best Drag Racing Games Free Online

We collected 6 Best drag racing games on Drag racing is a race between two vehicles (motors or cars), over a straight distance of 1/4 or 1/2 miles. In these games, you can use your creativity to customize your car and race against the computer. Pick your car, tweak your setup, and head for the track. Good luck and have fun!

1. Drag Racer V3        2. Drag Race 3D        3. Ultimate Drag Race        4. Street Race Fury        5. Super Racing Gt : Drag Pro        6. Racing Monster Trucks

Best Horse Racing Games Free Online

This is the category of horse lovers. We collected 5 best horse racing games online that you can own and race your virtual horse. You don't need to be a certain size or have any experience play these horse racing games. These games are safe and entertained for you to pass time. Just like virtual car racing games, pick your favorite horse, sometimes you need to name your horse, and then start to race your horse against others online. Your goal is to try to be the first horse to reach the destination. You can also play horse racing betting game. This kind of game isn't for everyone. Take your chances, place a bet on a horse to win, and then test your luck. If your horse wins, you win the game. Have a good time!

1. Horse Ride Racing 3D        2. Horse Racing Fantasy        3. Stay the Distance Horse Racing        4. Raceday        5. Horse Racing: Betting

Best 3D Car Racing Games Free Online

If racing is your forte, you will enjoy 3D car racing games. 3D car racing games usually feature stunning, high fidelity graphics. Drive a top-class car, join the race camp, and race against other opponents at crazy speeds. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to conquer streets, desert roads, hill tracks, and other realistic environments. Use the accelerate button to speed up your car and experience the thrills of the 3D car races. We collected 10 best 3D car racing games on Now it's your time to choose one and show off your racing skills.

1. Ultimate Racing 3D        2. Mall Dash        3. Asphalt Speed Racing 3D        4. SPEED RACING PRO 2        5. Dirt Rally Driver HD

6. Pixel Racing 3D        7. Snow Fast Hill Track Racing        8. Desert Storm Racing        9. Super Speed Racer        10. Training Race

Best 2 Player/Two Player Racing Games Free Online

Looking for some fun racing games to play with a friend? Here are 16 best 2 player online racing games you can play in your browser. You can race against the computer or challenge your friend in a series of addicting racing games, and both of you play on the same device, but in split-screen mode. Player 1 and player 2 need to use the different arrow keys on the keyboard to control the cars. Before the game starts, you need to pick your favorite car. Your main goal, of course, is to defeat other players on tricky race tracks. Have fun!

1. City Car Stunt        2. 3d City: 2 Player Racing        3. Fly Car Stunt 2        4. 3D Monster Truck: Icy Roads        5. Mayhem Racing        6. 3d Arena Racing        7. Go Kart Go Ultra        8. 3D Neo Racing

9. Moto Trial Racing 2: Two Player        10. Minicars        11. Cube City Racing        12. 2D Car Racing        13. Double Bike Battle        14. G-switch        15. Big Birds Racing        16. Top Truck 3D

Best Bike Racing Games Top Motorcycle Racing Games Free Online

How is your motorcycle driving skill? If you are a motorcycle lover, then you shouldn't miss this game category. We listed 12 best motorcycle racing games that you can play in your browser. You can join a race camp to compete with other opponents or race against the clock for a new record. Take control of your favorite motorcycle and feel the pure power of the engine on two wheels. You can race your motorcycle on the hill roads, on the highway, on muddy tracks, and more. Have fun!

1. Bike Race Simulator        2. Uphill Motocross Race        3. Motocross Madness        4. MOTO X3M Bike Race Series        5. Blocky Trials        6. Blur Racing

7. Madmen Racing        8. Highway Rider Extreme        9. Superbike Racer        10. Dirtbike Racing        11. Desert Dirt Motocross        12. Cyber Gears Side-scrolling Racing

Best NASCAR Racing Games Free Online

NASCAR is the most popular motorsport in the US. We listed the top 4 online NASCAR games for our NASCAR fans. Drive your favorite Nascar rally vehicles, step on the gas pedal, and enjoy the roaring engine and glorious victories. Have fun!

1. NASCAR Racing        2. NASCAR Circuit        3. American Racing        4. Stock Car Hero

Best Jet Ski Racing Games Free Online

Are you ready to get wet? It's time to go for a ride on your jet ski. Drive your jet ski on waves, avoid the obstacles, and defeat your opponents to be the best player in these online games. Have fun!

1. Jet Ski Boat Race        2. Jet Ski Racer        3. Jet Ski Rush: Water        4. Water Scooter Mania 2

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