Blur Racing

Blur Racing

Rating: 93% - 39497 plays

Blur Racing Game Description

Blur Racing is an intense motorbike racing game that you can play free online. In this game, you must race against the clock to set new records on a variety of superb neon tracks. During each race, you must reach various checkpoints before the clock runs out. If you fail to do so your race is over so drive quickly but with control! Throughout the race, you can encounter different items that inflict debilitating effects on your bike such as decreased speed and health reduction.

If you get hit by the health reduction item three times your race is over too so avoid them at all costs! Aside from the negative items, you can also pick up various positive drops that give you a boost including a shield, a speed boost, and a time increase. Collect the yellow rings as you race and try to get a high score and beat the clock! This game is challenging but if you persevere you can become a Blur racing champion!