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Mario Games, without a doubt, are the most popular game in the games industry, and its main character Mario has also become one of the most famous and iconic game characters in history. We all know and love Mario and there are so many interesting Super Mario Games that we can play in our free time, such as Super Mario Rush, Super Mario Bros Games, Mario Kart games, and more. Mario, created by Shigeru Miyamoto, is a mustachioed, red-cap-and-overalls-blue character that first appeared in the 1981 arcade game "Donkey Kong". Since then, the game started to become a popular phenomenon over the world. Now you can find Mario, Luigi, and his other friends in tons of different games and genres. From the Mushroom Kingdom to Dinosaur land, our hero Mario has been everywhere and he also has experienced various adventures - rescue kidnapped Princess Peach in the Super Mario Bros Games, race or battle your friends in Mario Kart games, travel over the dinosaur land in the Super Mario World games, etc. In Mario games, players need to control the characters to walk, run or jump through several different levels. Be careful of the obstacles and hidden traps along the way and collect as many coins as possible to unlock new characters and levels.

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