Treasurearena Game Description

Do you want to test yourself in dynamic action game? So, TreasureArena is perfect choice for you! Here you will find all for nostalgia feeling. At first, it’s a pixel graphics, that has been so sorely lacking. But if you take into account the retro style becoming popular these days, it’s very easy to have fun there with features of fantasy games. In the game you will meet other players, where you can share your experience, find the friends and think about game tactics. Strategy will help you focus on the objective and get the victory. All characters there – are a real people, walking through virtual world. It’s very turbulent, you should to take part in battles to determine, who will become the king! Despite their beautiful name, knight are the tough warriors – they should fight. That’s why in TreasureArena you will fight to the last man. Real masters are able to compete with thousands of players. Become a master and feel how unusual to be a professional. Before launching the game, choose the class: Rogue, Mage, Rogue, Mystic and Ninja. They have different weapons, think carefully, who do you want to play. Controls: WASD – moving; LMB – attacking.