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PLAY GAME Game Description

It’s high time to take part in the battle of tanks in the world of This game is full of bright battles with the enemies and soldiers controlled by the computer. You may choose one of the two tanks. Choose a machine according to your game style! There is a high-speed version of the tank, and there is a version that is slower but more protected. While killing the soldiers and your enemies, you will receive experience that is converted into the increase of the level, and the increase of the level helps you to improve your tank. You have an unlimited amount of ammunition, so you won’t worry about the lack of ammunition. Also, you may choose a suitable kind of weapon in order to defeat your enemies. Machineguns and missiles are available. Of course, it is clear that machineguns are used against speedy soldiers, and missiles are used against the armored tanks. Use the shelters that are located in different places of the map, add your skills of defeating the enemies, and you will remain safe in the world of! Control: Control of the tank movements is carried out by means of the mouse. To shoot from the machinegun, click the left button of the mouse. To defeat your enemies by means of missiles, click the right button of the mouse.