Timaleon Game Description

In timaleon.com you will control a spaceship in a triangle form. The game rules are simple – collect power-ups, scattered across the arena, hunt for your enemies – that’s a secret of success in timaleon.com. But stay away from planets, if you hit them, you will be destroyed! If you want to surprise your friends with something new, show them “Timaleon.com” game. Like other IO games – it’s a multiplayer space shooter. To survive in difficult battles, cooperate with your allies. But remember – it’s a temporary measure, don’t rely for it for too long. You may now watch a big number of video-reviews, if you don’t want to learn game features by yourself. But there’s nothing difficult – just fly across the space, shoot asteroids and other players. Players reports help to improve this game. Today you can see the automatic player location feature. Of course, Timaleon.com looks really beautiful. There’s no great improvements, but you will see familiar backgrounds. Anyway, new features will attract your attention. If you want to become a leader, you should hurry, while there’s no many stronger players. But if you got a leadership, don’t think you can keep it for long time – someone will take it from you When there’s many players, the game becomes very addictive. Collect ammo for destroying enemies, or they will do the same thing with you! You should deal with asteroids quickly, but try to shoot the biggest ones, don’t waste your time on small stones. Controls: WASD – ship movement; Space – shoot.