Rating: 76% - 17201 plays
PLAY GAME Game Description

This game has become remarkable because of a very unusual game play. Undoubtedly, the designers have managed to create a unique game play. You are playing for the asshole, the aim is to eat beans in order to fart louder than other gamers on the server. Fly across the map by means of farting, pick beans and fart, let out stinking gases continuously. Fight with the enemies, attack them by means of green farts, and use red gas to speed up. Doing all this, you will receive the biggest asshole on the server. Try to escape from the biggest gamers, because they can absorb you, and you will lose the progress. There are beans of different colors. Every color has a specific function: to attack, to develop or to speed up. Pick beans of the color you need at the moment, to avoid being eaten. These recommendations will help you to head the leaders’ rating. Good luck! Control: To move, use the mouse. To speed up, use E. To attack, use W.

WORLD'S BIGGEST BUTT! (Weird .IO games) ( Funny moments)