Duals.io Game Description

Duals.io is a great game for the fans of survival genre, during the zombie apocalypse. In spite of the vertical view of the landscape, the game is really impressing. You may choose one of the bright characters. Funny zombies are trying to catch and to eat you. And, of course, the game play is very interesting. In order to remain in the list of survivors, you will continuously have to choose one of the two things: to go the bayonet attack and to receive greater problems, or to escape from the contact with aggressors and to increase your level very slowly, and then, when you feel strong enough, you will defeat everybody on the server. WE must also mention that the process of shooting is enjoyable. If you are a fan of precise and powerful shots, you must use only one weapon. But if you feel that’s it’s time to increase the speed of shooting, you may receive the second pistol and begin your attack, like in the gangster films. Control: Control is carried out by WASD keys that are responsible for the movements of your character. To shoot, click the left button of the mouse. To choose a new regime of shooting, use the keys X and Z.