Rating: 84% - 28576 plays
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Mygun is classic deathmatch in 2D format. You got four types of weapon and grenades. Run on the map, jump on hardly accessible positions, hide behind boxes and attack rivals - all these in Success in this game depends very strongly on how good will you choose your position. For example, you can find a hidden corner where it is not so easy to get you and to lie there periodically throwing grenades out in the rivals passing by. This project is very retractive and forces to go back to it gain and again. Also it should be noted that there's a great variety of different bonuses in the game which randomly appear on the whole map. Sometimes it's very helpful for winning, for example you can pick up a shield which will prevent the rival to kill you while you shoot him point-blank! Control: The W A S D keys will allow you to move and jump on the map, the C key is responsible for squats and hiding. Use the left mouse button to shoot at the rival and scroll the mouse wheel to switch weapon.